Admin Appreciation?

This past Wednesday was Administrative Professional’s Day, a day where folks show appreciation to their Admins, Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Virtual Assistants, Office Managers, Receptionists, Coordinators (you get the picture).

All week long, I’ve been reading posts from other Admin Professionals, stating how disappointing they were to have not received anything from their Bosses or Teams. This went from pitty party to “I think this day is silly anyway” or “I don’t care.”

A couple articles posted by admin influencers basically stated, why do you care? You’re in charge remember? You make the day what you want it to be,  so it’s up to you, grab your bosses credit card and take yourself out to lunch! Yolo right?

Appreciation from your Boss and Team should happen all year long, if you only feel appreciated at the end of April, probably not the most ideal situation. Don’t wait for one day a year to be appreciated

I tend to lean towards the I don’t care. In my 20 plus years as an EA, I’ve experienced it all. Sure, it’s great being spoiled and shown appreciation once a year, it’s especially nice when your Boss has good taste… but if that’s all you’re looking for, then you are thinking about this all wrong.

So celebrate yourself and your fellow admins,  go to lunch, share stories, enjoy and APPRECIATE each other!  Stick together, we are each other’s support system, we understand what each of us goes through and deal with on a daily basis.

Stay Savvy!

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  1. Fabulous article Angela! I too have experienced both ends. However, it is the best feeling to be surrounded by supportive peers – and it lasts all year long! 🙂

    It does takes a effort to find a supportive network, but it can be done! I have moved around a little bit, so here’s how I found my network when I moved to Austin:

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely point of view 🙂

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