What does it mean to be A Savvy Assistant?

I’ve always thought of myself as Savvy in general, I’m resourceful, love tech and learning, social media is a huge interest to me. I strive to be relevant in this ever-changing world.  With AI and other advanced technology upon us, it’s so important.

How do I stay relevant?

  • Keep Learning new things! 
    • There are TONs of learning opportunities for Admins and they don’t all have to be Admin-Centric.  One example:
      • Project Management:
        • We ARE Project Managers, we are constantly PMing projects, events and everyday tasks, so why not get certified? Or maybe learn how PM’s do it?
  • Keep up to date on what your Leader and Team are doing [How are they managing projects and their goals?]
    •  Have you ever heard of OKR’s? [Objectives & Key Results] – I bet your team and leader have.  Start with this book: Radical Focus
      • Super easy read, there are actually some great stories.
      • Learn how to implement OKR’s into your everyday work.
      • Find out how you can contribute to your teams already established OKR’s.

  • What is your executive reading? If your exec suggests a book they love to the team, READ IT and keep a running list. It’s so important to know where they and the team are coming from. Admin 101 people 😉
  • Anticipate your Executive’s needs.  This is said over and over, for those of us who are seasoned and savvy, it’s part of our DNA. This is part of knowing your Exec, listening and watching.  If they have to tell you what they want over and over, you’re doing it wrong..
  •  Invite yourself to the table! In other words, Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg had it spot on, If you haven’t read her book yet DO IT.  In the meantime, invite yourself to any meeting that is of interest to you.  All they can do is say no, right? Show some interest in the business, ask questions.
  •  Stay up to date on Technology.  This is SO important to our roles.  I’ve called myself Tech Savvy for years.  Because I AM! 🙂 I love seeing new stuff. We need to move with the times.  I work for a large software company, so I’m pretty lucky that I am able to get the latest and greatest Office Suite.  Oh and what about the greatest tool ever created? Microsoft OneNote! I’m sure  I do however look beyond my company at other options, I absolutely LOVE Trello, you can create templates and make it your own, create teams and it’s pretty!

So to close, make sure you’re learning, know how the teams in your org are running and what their up to, READ, anticipate those needs, invite yourself to meetings and finally, keep up on the tech!

Stay Savvy!

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