Episode 1 Part 1 – Annual Reviews & How to Rock Them in 2019


The Savvy Assistant Podcast Episode 1, Part 1 of 5 – Annual Reviews & How to Rock Them in 2019


Exceed your normal output standards

Make sure you’re getting things done quickly and precisely

  • If someone gives you a project and or task, ensure you ask questions, get all the details framed up prior to executing.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Continuously produce more than expected
    • It’s important to under promise and over deliver
  • Go above and beyond in your everyday tasks and projects.
    • What I do for my exec is, I Include every movement during her trip in her itinerary, (flight, hotel, car, customer visits, internal meetings) she has an at a glance document that’s detailed – you can’t always rely on tech, and it’s better to give too much information than too little.
    • Another example and this is something that I do regularly. When your exec travels, especially international, do something unexpected, have a bowl of fresh fruit waiting for them in their room, they can get a quick light snack, rather than waiting on room service.

*How can I be more productive?

Track and limit how much time you’re spending on tasks.

  • Time Blocking! This works great.  Rather than solely using a task list, put your tasks in your calendar as time. It gives you a start and end, and then you can cross it off your list! Because that IS the payoff right? Crossing off that finished task!

Take regular breaks.

  • You’re sitting there, unsure as to what your next step is, and your stuck, or worst of all, waiting on someone else for answers (hello my fellow control freaks!) – get up get a beverage, if it’s not 30 below (sorry Midwest) go outside walk around a bit, clear your head and then come back to it, if you’re waiting on someone else, move on to the next thing, or next task, when they give you what you need, go back and continue.  How tough was that?


  • Consistently meet all deadlines
    • If you’re not meeting your deadlines, you are definitely over-promising and under delivering, stop it! We as admins have a lot of tasks and projects, make sure your exec is aware what you’re working on, be transparent, don’t take something on and promise an unrealistic deadline.  Be realistic people! Your Team and Exec will appreciate it!
  • Prepare meeting agendas that are concise and time-saving
    • Ensure you have details for all meetings, clear agendas, expected outcomes and meeting owner.
  • Keep meetings on schedule
    • If you’re meeting is an hour long and you have 5 speakers, you need to ensure each of them have ample amount of time.  Start the meeting on time, don’t let the conversation go off the tracks and time each speaker so everyone has a chance to talk about their topics.
  • Respect the time of others


Develop workable action plans

  • Take a look at your team rhythm, I usually look about 3 months ahead, what’s on the horizon? All Hands, Offsite, etc. These all need work back and action plans.
    • Create flexible plans to meet changing opportunities
      • Blocking my and my exec’s calendars with personal work time, is something that I do.  Especially for my exec, it allows for work time, but it also blocks time in case important meetings need to be scheduled.  I try my hardest to keep that time as work time for her, so she can check email, write up meeting summaries and decompress after long meetings or speaking engagements.
  • Effectively put plans into action
    • This makes me immediately think of event planning, someone wants to do an event, they have a vision, it’s our job to get the details and create their vision, to do this, you have to create the plan, start with asking questions and framing up the details.  It’s our job to listen!


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