Episode 4 Part 4 – Annual Reviews & How to Rock Them in 2019

The Savvy Assistant Podcast Episode 4, Part 4 of 5 – Annual Reviews & How to Rock Them in 2019



  • You’re capable of distinguished performance in a higher-level position
  • You have reached the level for promotional consideration
  • You Can handle bigger projects and assignments
  • You are making a strong effort to acquire greater experience and skills to increase potential for advancement
  • You take on bigger projects and challenge yourself.
  • You enhance growth potential through additional education and training

Potential touches on a lot that I’ve talked about in earlier episodes, this entails learning, helping others, jumping in on projects and challenging yourself.  If you aren’t doing these things, you will start to become complacent and eventually you’ll get bored.  Keep it fresh and always be learning.  Check out my list of learning resources at www.thesavvyassistant.blog under resources.


  • You Display a practical approach to solving problems
  • You Develop creative solutions
  • You Turn problems into opportunities
  • You Effectively solve problems rather than symptoms
  • You are skilled in proposing optional solutions


  • You Exceed normal output standards
    • You’re getting things done quickly and precisely
  • You Continuously produce more than expected
    • Under promising and over delivering, this is important.
  • You are an important contributor to the successes of the department
  • You make a substantial contribution to the continued operation and growth of the organization
  • You Consistently exceed performance goals

A great Productivity Resource: Whole Assistant www.wholeassistant.com


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