About Me

I’m Angela Schnell!

I’m a Business Support expert,  where I LOVE making Executive’s lives easier while encouraging other Admin Professionals to be the best they can be!

A Washington Native [there aren’t many of us], wife to a pretty cool dude, mom of 2 college gals, executive assistant, podcaster, and blogger. Obsessed with being myself [no filter], tech, fashion, tacos, peonies and my iPhone [yes, I know, but I’m being real here].

I started this blog to share my passions, goals and my favorite things with you.  My passion to be the best Executive Assistant I can, by not changing who I am, but using my natural ability to be a calming force to my exec and their Leadership Team.


I will share my goals for growing professionally and personally. My favorite things (my Oprah moment) technology, fashion, things to help organize, different organizing,  techniques, things to make your work and personal life easier.

Please join me on this fun adventure, it’s not going to be perfect, it’s just me, a funny, loving, gummy bear eating, taco loving, sometimes swearing wife to an awesome guy, mother to two gorgeous gals, three fur babies while making things happen as an Executive Assistant at Microsoft.

Stay Savvy